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1st CMC (carpometacarpal) Arthritis

What is 1st Carpometacarpal (CMC) or “Basilar Joint” Arthritis?   This Patient’s Guide further explains the nature of thumb joint arthritis and suggests some non-surgical measures that might give some relief, particularly for early or mild cases.   This online Patient’s Guide to Resection (Excision) Arthroplasty contains useful information regarding this common surgical option.

Dupuytren’s Disease

In Dupuytren’s disease, the tough connective tissue within one’s hand becomes abnormally thick which can cause the fingers to curl and can result in impaired function of the fingers, especially the small and ring fingers. It usually has a gradual onset, often beginning as a tender lump in the palm. Over time, pain associated with  … Read more

Carpal Tunnel Surgery (Endoscopic or Open)

Cubital Tunnel Surgery

Trigger Finger Treatment (Surgical or Non-Surgical)

Finger Joint Replacement

DeQuervain Tendonitis